Lesbian Dating Apps

lesbian dating

Find a good dating app is not that easy for each and every person, this is for real. In case you are a member of LGBT, then dating is even harder. Typical or conventional dating sites or dating apps are common and more optimized for average people. However, things have been altered these day and things also become simpler and easier. Today there are lesbian dating apps which are particularly made for this group of people. This article will share some of the best and reliable lesbian apps which work nicely.


There are lots of lesbian dating apps out there, but Hinge is considered the leading lesbian app today. This dating app could assist lesbian meet her mate in a conventional manner. It cuts creep, clutter and games.

Specialty of this Lesbian Dating App

This dating app for lesbian is featured in Vogue magazine. As of now, it is currently on hand in virtually all states in America. Aside from US, you can also access this app even if you are in Toronto, Sydney, London and Mumbai. It has wide network of users that continue to grow on a daily basis.

Essential Features

  • It does not matter if you use an Android or iPhone smartphone, still you can utilize this dating app for Lesbian due to the fact that it’s optimized for any kind of OS. What is more, Hinge is also compatible with iPad.
  • It has reliable and fast messaging option. Notification feature is also great.
  • The newest version allows you acquire a story card which assists you to look for possible match easy and fast, so you get rid of the tedious and annoying personality test.
  • 24 hours service is given by the maker of this app. An extensive pool of lesbian members enhances the possibility of finding a good match.
  • This is amazing for uploading photos due to the quality of image is remarkable


If you are 18 years of age, you can use can subscribe to this app. At present, Hinge isn’t taking any amount from its member as subscription. On the other hand, because of the wonderful popularity, it may charge user a bit after a couple of days to make sure better member management.


Also one of the best dating apps for Lesbian, Findhrr is a downloadable application that one can use anywhere and everywhere to keep connected with others. If you are exhausted of seeing similar faces, and wish to find some fresh faces, then Findhrr is the best choice. On a daily basis, many members are joining and searching for a possible partner.

Amazing Features of Findhrr:

Findhrr is a remarkable app for lesbian who takes account of many articles and information about lesbian. Members could get lots of things in one platform. It offers matchmaker game which can assist someone to put down members easily to look for her best and perfect match. This is created by gay girls. It does not matter if you are in a current relationship, still you can utilize this dating app and look for a mate.

Essential Features of Findhrr

  • This dating app for Lesbian offers unlimited messaging and photo sharing. Members can view many profiles as long as she wants. There are new members signing up on a daily basis, giving you a chance of finding the best match.
  • This isn’t just for sending message; also you can utilize it for getting useful information on diverse locations for ideal liaisons.
  • This can assist you look for lesbians through locations as district or cities. Because Findhrr cover a huge area, the possibility of getting interacted with various members is optimized.
  • With Findhrr you can search members through age or location and relationship status too.
Subscription Charge

Findhrr subscription charge is very reasonable. After the confirmation of your purchase, your account will be credited from your account on iTunes. One month subscription fee is available for £4.49. For months, the subscription charge will be £8.49 for the whole year.

Security and Safety

Findhrr is safe. Your profile will be checked and verified and so you’ll not encounter any guy and false identity. Personal information is safe and sound. Please check user reviews to get to know more their opinion on the privacy provided by this dating app.


This is also a good and reliable dating app for lesbian today. This is relatively common due to the flexibility of the working algorithm of this app. You get lots of customization options. This app has twelve sexual orientations, and more than twenty gender markers to select from. Therefore, in spite of your personality and what you like, OKCupid got you covered.

To become a member, this app will be going to ask you some important question to enhance the chance of finding a perfect match. This might not be a good deal for others, however if you have a perfect compatibility, things will be easier it doesn’t matter if you are searching for a date, a friend or hooked up.

This dating app provides you choices of looking a perfect partner based on age, height, ethnicity, drinking, smoking, religion etc. You can join for free and you are also capable of sending unlimited messages. What makes this dating site apart from the rest is that, members are allowed to stop seeing by straight individual, a good filter for this category of people.


This is one of the preferred dating sites by many lesbians today. This is not particularly created for same gender individual, but also there are choices like Interest that makes it precise for you guys. This app has exceptional concept that makes it apart from the rest.

In this dating site, the woman needs to make the initial approach. So, lesbians will not need to beg for conversation. For similar gender connections, either person could make the initial move. What is more, if a girl does not make the initial move in 24 hours, the connection vanishes, and similar with the same gender connection.

This dating app has an article called BeeHive that allows you read articles for official; however you will be capable of reading articles uploaded by users. Here you can read tips that are shared by other users.


Meeting Lesbian online could be challenging, because many websites as well as applications lack of lesbian dating option, still have small local base of users which leave lots of daters unhappy in their choices. Listed above are some of the best lesbian dating apps that you can give a try.


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